International Shipping Terms & Conditions

Original Items:  
Small sticker 220
Regular sticker 330
Large sticker 880
Small Badge 220
Big Badge 576
Fabric Badge Set 880
Pin 770
Patch 550
Washi Tape 418
Sticker Storage Folder 1,100
Zipper Pouch 1,320
Keyring 1,100
Key Cover 660
Tote Bag 1,650
T-shirt 3,850
Coaster 550
Gamaguchi Pouch 1,650
Coaster 550
Petit Envelope 255
Charm 825
Earring 1,100
Holdtube 6,050
Stuffed animal 1,650
Glasses case 1,980
Seasonal Items:    
Random Badges (Set of 2) 250
Glow In The Dark Sticker 275
Regular sticker 330
Guitar Pick 363
Charm 550
Guitar Pick Holder Keychain 715
Keyring 1,100
Zipper Pouch 1,320
T-Shirts 5,115
  • [ Important notice regarding shipping due to COVID-19 ]
    We're unable to ship to Australia, and the United States,Canada,Italy temporarily, until further notice. For other countries, delivery time may be longer than usual.
  • [Important Notice Regarding Shipping Due to the Situation in Ukraine]
    We're unable to ship to the UK, Germany, and France temporarily, until further notice. 
    For other countries, delivery time may be longer than usual.

    ★Due to COVID-19, we are temporarily unable to ship to Australia, USA, Canada, and Italy.
  • We currently ship to , Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. We plan to keep adding new shipping areas, so please check back often.
  • We can only ship original items outside of Japan at the moment.

    *Because of licensing restrictions, our collaboration items are only available in Japan. We regret we’ll have to cancel orders for those items.
  • We regret that we do not accept returns for items shipped internationally. Please be sure to confirm your order before placing it.
  • Any order that has been shipped cannot be canceled and will not be refunded.
  • Orders shipping to destinations outside Japan may incur duties and taxes. Please consult with your local customs or postal office for details about your country's duties and taxes. You are solely responsible for any import taxes, duties, or brokerage fees that may be incurred on your international shipment.
  • Delivery times will vary depending on your location and local customs procedures.

    Shipping takes no more than 14 days from the time you place your order and delivery is usually around 14 days.
    It will take more than 14 days for delivery, depending on your location and local customs procedures.
    If you do not receive your order within 14 days, please contact your local post office using the tracking number provided in your shipping confirmation email.

    *For shipping to Australia and Canada, Please read more about tracking.

    We did a shipping test and we found out that online tracking of our shipments is not available for either country.
    But no worries, If you don’t receive your order within 10 days, you can contact your local post office with the tracking number and they can track it for you and tell you where your stuff is at.

    By the way, those shipping tests to Canada and Australia were a total success in reaching all the target customers. So you can order confidently. We’re really looking forward to fulfilling your orders.

  • All prices are shown in Japanese Yen (?). Item prices are exclusive of any import duties, taxes, and shipping charges.
  • Payment is only accepted by credit card. Your credit card will be charged when your shipment is sent.
  • A flat fare of 820 yen will be charged for all international shipments and will be added to your payment.
    *Orders over 10,000 are shipped FREE.

Special Notes

After submitting your order, you’ll receive an automated “order confirmation” email in Japanese from B-SIDE LABEL WEBSHOP. If you do not receive this email, please contact us at

You will receive the second email in English with your tracking number when your shipment begins to ship.

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* We currently ship to Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand.